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    What You Need for Urban Witchcraft Spells and Rituals

    4 glass jars with spells and salts in them

    When I was a kid, I used to dream about living in the city. It seemed like such an exciting place with more people and more opportunities than my small hometown. But as an adult, I’ve learned that there’s a lot more to being a city witch than just being near other people. In fact, sometimes it can feel like you’re surrounded by nothing but concrete and glass! Here are some items that will help keep you grounded as an urban witch: A small ceramic bowl A small ceramic bowl is a great tool for cleansing and casting spells. The…

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    Palm Reading for Beginners

    Palm reading, also known as palmistry or chiromancy, is the ancient practice of interpreting the lines and markings on a person’s palm to gain insight into their personality, talents, and life path. Although palm reading is often viewed as a…

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    Witchcraft and Somatic Healing Practices

    Witchcraft and somatic healing are two practices that are often overlooked in modern society, but both have a rich history and deep roots in human culture. Both practices involve a deep connection to the body, the natural world, and the…

  • Threes scissors on a string

    Full Moon – Cord Cutting Rituals

    How and why to be cautious of doing cord cutting if you aren’t absolutely confident in your energies senses. Full Moon, Cord Cutting Content Warning: abuse So first off Happy Full Moon in Aries, magical beings. I hope this full…

  • rainbow light

    Color Magic in Witchcraft

    Color Magic: A Witch’s Guide to Color Meanings, Energies, and How to Use Them There are many forms of Witchcraft in the world.  On a lot of correspondence charts, you’ve seen colors, herbs, and crystals with certain meanings. But how…

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    Conquering the Pentacles in Tarot Readings

    How to Learn the Pentacles in the Minor Arcana for Accurate Tarot Readings Being overwhelmed when memorizing and reading the Tarot is a pretty common occurrence. There are 78 cards to try and keep in your head at one time!…

  • Sun Magic Energy Holding

    Sun Magic Practices and Witchcraft

    How to Practice Sun Worship and Use the Sun in Witchcraft Celestial Energies are what I call the energies of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars. When we think about animism and about the Universal Laws of Energy, everything that…

  • Fire element Nine of Wands Tarot Card deck Minor Arcana

    The Wands in the Minor Arcana Tarot

    How to Learn the Wands in Tarot Readings Learning to read the various suits for the Tarot can be overwhelming when looking at the tarot deck as a whole. There’s a whole 78 cards to try to understand! Once you…