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Color Magic in Witchcraft

Color Magic: A Witch’s Guide to Color Meanings, Energies, and How to Use Them

There are many forms of Witchcraft in the world.  On a lot of correspondence charts, you’ve seen colors, herbs, and crystals with certain meanings. But how you actually use color magic with Witchcraft can vary from witch to witch. 

In this post we are going to talk about What Color Magic is, How to use it in your life and even go over a handy Rainbow Visualization for when you don’t have every tool at your disposal.

What does Color Influence? 

Color influences everything about the world around us. What we choose to wear, what we choose to eat, and how we decorate. Color Magic can have a subconscious and conscious effect if we get intentional about it. 

Color Theory, especially in marketing, shows us that using certain colors can affect:

  • Moods
  • Thoughts and Impressions
  • Feelings

Each color on the spectrum has a certain vibrational frequency. By using Color Magic in your Witchcraft you can invoke and attract whatever vibration you need for your spellwork. 

This can be done in subtle ways and in amazing, outlandish ways too! 

Color Magic is simply:

Using Various colors and combinations to invoke and attract a set energetic vibration. 

What does your favorite and least favorite colors say about you?

With this in mind, I want you to picture what colors you love and then get a clear image of what colors are not your favorite. Write them down and keep them in mind for later.

Your favorite colors are usually vibrations you feel most comfortable with or that you’ve been doing a lot of work in this area of your life.  Your least favorite colors are going to indicate vibrations that you are not really comfortable with. Your least favorite colors may also be the colors you need more of.

Having a balance of energies and being aware of our intentions is what allows us to live a more purposeful life.   There’s nothing wrong with having favorites or least favorite colors., by the way. 

It’s really about being aware of what you already choose and reject subconsciously so you can begin to select colors and intentions with purpose. 

Where can we use Colors Magic? 


What candles you use can have an effect on your magic. While white candles can be used for any color, because on the light spectrum it contains every color, you may find that using a specific color allows your subconscious to call on that specific vibration or energy better. 

Clothing and Accessories

What you choose to wear and adorn yourself with can have a subconscious magical effect on how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. 

Color magic in this way, goes hand in hand with Glamour magic. The art of changing perception and appearance. 


Again what you adorn yourself with can have an effect in perception of the self. 

Home Decor

Home decor is one of my favorite areas to bring color magic into. Whatever vibration you wish for a room can be easily achieved based on the decor and colors you choose. 

Marketers and Interior Designers use color theory all the time to evoke a feeling and mood for various spaces. 

Personally, I really enjoy zen type spaces for my bedroom and bathrooms. So I use a lot of natural wood and textures in the blankets. My main blanket statement piece is a sage green while my bed frame is golden to darker wood. 

In the bathroom I use cream and white candles, darker stone, and soft blues to create a calm and relaxing space. 

In rooms like the kitchen, I like to switch up my colors to red and bright yellow, for a more energized and Fire element space. 


 While light normally goes with home decor, I bring it up because there are various smart bulbs and items that you can use that specialize in full spectrum light bathing. (Not tanning) 

Having a way to shift lighting for ritual, spell casting, or just meditation time is a great way to bring in various vibes. Plus if you are in a place that doesn’t allow candles this is a great secondary way to utilize that kind of magic. 


While crystals have their own meanings and structures that have vibrational energy, oftentimes those meanings come from the color or colors that the crystal has. 


Writing sigils on different colors of paper or ink can bring a layer of color magic to the spell.

Bath rituals

Food dye and other colors can bring an additional layer of magic to your bath ritual. 

What do the different colors mean? 

  • Red – Grounding energy, Strength, Passion, Courage, Lust, Charisma
  • Orange – Creativity, success, justice, Opportunity, Ambition
  • Yellow – Intelligence, Learning, Reason, Focus, Confidence, Memory, Joy
  • Green – Nature, Healing, Money, Love, Fertility, Growth
  • Blue – Communication, Traveling, expression, Forgiveness, Calm
  • Purple – Influence, Psychic Abilities, Authority, Royal, Wisdom, Knowledge
  • Brown – Home, Protection, Animals, Stability, Family
  • Black – Banishing Negativity, Protection, binding, transmutation
  • White – Spirituality, Peace, Higher Self, Purity

Using Color Magic is a pretty easy practice. You can either imagine yourself bathed in that colored light that you want. You can dress in the colors of the vibes that you need. You can also just infuse that color or energy into any spell you want to perform.

How you use color magic can vary from witch to witch. On a lot of correspondence charts, you’ve seen herbs and crystals with certain meanings. Colors are no different and are even based in various studies on Color Theory and psychological behavior.

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