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Hello there! My name is Beth Burch and I want to welcome you to my blog Cauldron and Brew!

I am so excited you have arrived here to find out more about me! Like most humans, summing me up is kind of hard. We are all incredibly complex creatures and to tell you my story would take hours. However, here is what I think is important.

I’m a 31-year-old adventurer, wife, mom-of-one, who by day is an accountant, a freelancer, a blogger, a martial artist, a craft hoarder, and a witch. By night, I’m still all those things, but I like to have a cup of something warm, with my family and friends at my home and hearth.

What I provide over here at Cauldron and Brew is a diverse musing of topics with one binding factor. Witchcraft! I believe that anyone can access their inner witch and I want to help you get comfortable doing just that.

Being a witch does not mean you are evil or have to wear specific clothes. It doesn’t mean that you have to be pagan or give up any religion. Witchcraft is simply a tool for enhancing and empowering your own life. I want to guide and inspire you on your own empowering journey regardless of whatever stage your life might be in.

I also can’t help myself but I do write a lot of articles on parenting and celebrating seasons and holidays with your kids. It’s the phase my life is in right now. I believe that children can gain a lot of benefit by just experiencing nature and celebrating the natural wonder of the world around them.

I started this blogging journey in the middle of summer in July 2017. My big ideas and goals were to share. Share my story, share my knowledge, hopefully, share some inspiration. I want you to read this blog and come back to it because it speaks to you. It sounds like truth in your soul and you leave this internet space feeling more inspired to live out your truth.

I will be real and human with you. I have never been told that I am ethereal. Quite the opposite. I’m also not some perfect witch that floats along. I have my own struggles and flaws.

For a while, I believed that blogging about magic would be alienating. But how could I talk about my experiences and leave out the witchery of it? You’d be missing half of the story and it would not be authentic.

I found I could not write only about witchcraft or only about the mundane. Both are important to share. Both work together to weave together my life.

So you’ll find a little bit of everything here. Musings, recipes, tips and advice, how-tos, and more.

Sit for a spell and don’t forget to bring something warm to drink!

Love and Light to you!


  • Julie

    hi Beth, just popping by to tell you that I always enjoy reading your emails! Even though I’m busy busy busy/detest social media in general, I always open your emails. Glad I signed up. Keep up the inspiration!

  • De

    Why can’t anyone save the article and guides. I would like to have them for my book of information.So I can reflect on them when I need information

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