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Why Cauldron and Brew?

The Cauldron

“a large metal pot used for cooking over and open fire”. The cauldron is incredibly symbolic throughout many histories. In general, the cauldron is symbol of the womb and of transformation. What you put in comes out heated, melted, and cooked. You are almost entirely changed when you undergo such a transformation.

 The Welsh goddess, Ceridwen, had a cauldron of poetic inspiration. She is known as a goddess of rebirth and transformation as well. 

If I threw diced onions, crushed tomatoes, various herbs, and cooked it long enough I would have a spaghetti sauce.

Each of these aspects are the kind of energy I wish to draw upon and extend out to you, the reader.

What happens when we put ourselves through such a transformation? What comes out the other side? What can we cook up and make from the raw materials of our hearts?

The Brew

A brew is a result of the cauldron. It is essentially what is reaped after the hard work of mixing and bubbling and melting. The potion of transformation.

As a side note, if I had to pick a “brew” I think I would be the Texas-based Revolver Blood and Honey. But that’s a different story.  

A witch’s brew or potion contains magic and manifestation and change. It contains in a concentrated form the benefit of hard work and energy spent. But, isn’t that why we DO magic? To bring about a change? To acknowledge the forces that work within our natural world.

The brew from Ceridwen’s cauldron contained knowledge with the first 3 drops. Any more than that was fatal poison. Born out of this tale came Taliesin or Merlin of Arthurian legends.

In my own life, I practiced this one step further.

My husband and myself threw our love and work and hearts into the cauldron and came out the other side with our brew I fondly call,

Little Bear.

What cauldrons and trials have you gone through?

What brew and wisdom did you receive on the other side?

Love and Light,


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