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Sigil Painting with Little Ones

As someone who had a rocky childhood, I try to be sensitive to the needs of my kid and sensitive to the environment in our home. First, I am all about healthy, creative expression in our home. Got something on your chest? Draw it out, color it out, write it out. Even if the drawing is lines, dots, and shapes with no realism behind it. This isn’t a contest. It’s expression. Finding healthy outlets like this not only help me manage my emotions but it really helps.

I greatly encourage adding color to the work with pencils, crayons, or paint. Feeling mad or agitated? Get the red and orange. Feeling sad or weepy? Greys and blues

Expressing emotion through art is not a strange concept. Most artists only work this way. However, in recent years the concept of art therapy has taken off. Without thinking too hard about it, a person could just randomly draw and color with their unpleasant emotion at the forefront of their mind. When done, you can look and analyze the art and find the pattern of emotion there. Color theory and color psychology is fairly universal. Red is supposed to drive hunger. (Most restaurant logos are in some form of red.) While blue can be soothing or mellowing. Art therapy is a very effective way of working through hard emotions.

How does this relate to witchcraft?

Color theory is pretty prevalent in our craft. Most of us have seen a correspondence chart but don’t always think about using it. Sometimes its just a lot of words and information we don’t feel like reading at the time.

Remember though that your craft is YOUR craft. Your color chart is going to vary based on your own personal experience. My personal preferences are to use green for healing and purple for psychic enhancement.

So remember that part about the lines and dots and shapes? Another fun part of witchcraft is sigil drawing. This is where we create an abstract symbol to fuel our subconscious and emphasize and empower our spell work. There are many ways of crafting your own sigil. From runes to letters, and random lines and dots.

How do I do this with the kids?

First, you need to decide what your intent is with this work. Perhaps you and the little one can agree that we want to have a little more calm in the room. Using one of these methods, decide on a symbol that you’d like.

Next, you’ll want to acquire the items needed for this craft. I personally like to do this on canvas or thick paper so it may be hung up when charged. If you are simply letting your little get their emotions out, feel free to use simple printer or construction paper and help them bury or burn the paper afterwards.

(Once you are ready to do so of course!)

For this project, we are taking a more permanent hanging route. So do the kids need more harmony? Perhaps a bit more focus? Or even just something that helps them relax and wind down. After deciding your sigil, it’s time to get crafting!

Finger painting with children

Art Work Time!

You’ll need the following supplies to get started:

  • Small Canvas
  • Pencil
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Acrylic paint, Finger paint, or Edible paint
  • Paper to cover table
  • Paint Sealant Spray

Once you have those, start by drawing your sigil in pencil on the canvas. Carefully, place tape over the sigil drawing. Then lay out the paper to make sure the table is covered from getting messy

Let your child go wild with finger paint on the canvas! Have them choose the colors and everything. Your child may need a bit of guidance depending on their age. My young one still needs easy edible paints. (Since everything goes in his mouth.)

While a 7 to 10 year old typically won’t need as much heavy supervision. Either way, be sure to observe the magic as it takes life.  Once they feel they are done painting, hang it up to dry for about a day or so. Peel the tape off, do any white paint touch ups as needed, and then seal it with the spray sealer.

Viola! You should now have a sigil painting that you and your little one made and hopefully a lot more harmony as the sigil takes effect.

As with everything magical, no outcome is ever guaranteed. It may take a try or two until you find what works for your family.

As always, Love and Light to yours.

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