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Creating Magical Herbal Sachets

Herbal Sachets are probably one of the oddest and yet fun bit of magic I like to do. Throw some leaves, bark, and bits in a baggy and keep it near you or on an altar? Smells fantastic! (Usually) But it can also be a bit odd.
Let’s dive in to why herbal sachets are good to have around and super easy to make!

What is an Herbal Sachet? Sachet? Like Hatchet?

A (sahshay) is a small bag that can hold a number of items. Each of these items are picked for their qualities and combined into a spell to bring about a desired effect. Similarly, Some practices call this a mojo bag which is very similar in concept.

The art of putting together a sachet is equal parts:

  1. Applying your intuition.
  2. Selecting the herbs and roots that call to you and your purpose.

Intuition is that gut feeling that something is right or wrong. There’s usually no logical explanation to the feeling.

However, if your intuition is insisting that an ingredient or item isn’t for you, feel free to follow your gut. Just because I or someone else said that a specific herb will work doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for you. It certainly isn’t the end all be all of the spell either.

Most of the herbs I use I take from my kitchen spice rack because its easy to keep on hand without looking totally like an oddball and common spices are easy to pick up at a local grocery store. Think of herbs like: Cinnamon, Basil, Oregano, Dill Weed, Chili powder, Garlic. Coffee, Honey, and Sugar.

There are 3 physical parts to a sachet. The container or bag, the herbs, and the binding agent.

I am all about cheap witchcraft. Seriously, cheap. Herbal sachets are easy to throw together when you get creative about your materials. Most spell books will tell you that you need un-dyed cotton squares sewn as a bag to make this work. Now don’t get me wrong. You can do that. But what I like to use is a baby sock.

Yes, you read that right. A baby sock. A $2 dollar pack from the dollar store will let you make about 12 sachets. Pretty good deal right?

So if my sachet is going into a bag or being buried I will typically use a sock as the container. If I am going to hang it or leave it on the altar, I will find an organza bag or perhaps cut some fabric into a square.

The Herbs

Choosing your herbs is a matter of intuition and purpose. Witchcraft is incredibly personal so what works for me may not always work for you. But usually in a money spell I like to use herbs that were green and leafy before being dried. Basil, dill weed, bay leaf, and mint.

You’ll notice most of the herbs are things you’ll find in your kitchen spice rack. For me, herbs and kitchen magic blend together.

The Binding Agent

A binding agent is any semi-neutral substance that will “hold” the herbs and intention together. This concept is taken from voodou magic practices. In those spells, you’ll read about adding salt, sugar, corn meal, coffee, honey, or even agave syrup to your herbs. These items are great at helping blend each herb into your intention. A lot like dotting your i’s or crossing your t’s. It brings the individual herbs together in a spell.

Putting It All Together

Once you have all your materials, its time to work the magic. Below are the instructions for a draw money spell.

– Bag, or a bit of white or green cloth, or even a white baby sock
– Bit of hemp
– Small bowl or Mortar & Pestle
– Sugar (binding agent)
– Dried Herbs:
—Bay Leaf
—Dill Weed

Combine all herbs in a bowl or mortar and begin to blend them together. If using the mortar, grind them together using the pestle.

As you blend your herbs, hold your intention in your mind. Begin to visualize opportunities for money. See your bank account at the level you need. Visualize feeling at ease when paying bills. If you’d like recite a prosperity affirmation or prosperity spell:

“Money flow, Money grow
Money shine, Money mine!”

When you feel you have built your power and infused it into the herbs, pour the mixture into the container and add some sugar on top. Tie it off with the hemp or yarn and store near your wallet or on your altar to draw money to yourself.

Truly, that’s all you need to craft a sachet. Always remember that the magic comes from you. Everything else is a tool that helps you along the journey.

Love and Light, Dears.


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