Taking Care of Tools: The Witch’s Cauldron

The cauldron is a classic symbol and tool of the witch. Often times, this one is overlooked because the cauldron has been substituted with the chalice. Plus, if you are in a cramped dorm or limited to your bedroom, a big cauldron can be hard to keep around. Fortunately, they do make smaller ones to keep on the altar.

Both the chalice and cauldron are symbols of the goddess, however their practical use in magic differ greatly.

The cauldron is a classic motif of the womb of the goddess. Part of the primordial soup, she stirs and cooks and adds a bit of salt or rosemary until we are ready to be born again.

But what can you use your cauldron for?

1.You can burn things in it.

You can burn smaller items, like paper or herbs. Fill the cauldron about half way with sand first, then set your spell paper on fire and lay it in there. (Keep in mind even though you have some sand or dirt the cauldron can still get really hot.) The spell work will then transform and be sent out into the world. You can also burn a candle down using this method.

2. You can cook in a cauldron.

Obviously, the one linked above is too small for that! But you can invest in a cast iron pot or you could always bless and use a kitchen pot. Truthfully, if you are doing a lot of kitchen witchin’ you should bless those tools anyways. Throw together a soup or stew in order to help get rid of a cold or the sniffles. Say a prayer and pour your intention into it.

How to Keep it Physically Clean.

Most cauldrons are made of cast iron these days.

For cleaning, you want to use tiny bit of water, a wedge of lemon, and a handful of chunky salt as an abrasive.

You *could* use soap but it can’t linger and cast iron cannot be left to soak in water.

Once you are done scouring and cleaning, dry it very thoroughly. Cast iron is very porous and can rust easily.

When all the cleaning is done, be sure to re-season it for use.

How to Keep it Magically Clean.

While doing the physical cleaning, imagine dumping all the negative out of it. When you pour the lemon and salt water out see in your mind’s eye any grey dirty energy leaving.

Let the drain carry any negativity out and away from you, your home, and your tool.

When you re-season the cauldron, imagine filling the porous material with love and care.

Set your intention on honoring your tool that serves you so well. Once you are done, give it and any other spirit helpers a thanks for their help.

Choosing and blessing your tools should always bring a joyous feeling. But finding what truly works for you, be it a classic cast iron or a good soup pot, is truly magickal for your path and will serve you better in the long run.

Remember to always keep them clean, both physically and magickally, and they will serve you well.

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