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Sun Magic Practices and Witchcraft

How to Practice Sun Worship and Use the Sun in Witchcraft

Celestial Energies are what I call the energies of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars.

When we think about animism and about the Universal Laws of Energy, everything that exists has the energy and an energy signature.

When you begin to sense various energy signatures, you’ll find that some call to you more than others and some mesh better with your magic than others.

Not that I have scientific proof of this theory, but I tend to think of it as the soul or self vibrating at a certain frequency and that harmonizes and synergizes with other energies.

For us here on Earth, our highly influential Celestial type energies are going to be the Earth itself, the Moon and the Sun. Next would be Planets, Stars, and then Constellations.

Sun Worship has been around for an incredibly long time. The Sun rules our day cycle and our year cycle. By harnessing the power of the Sun, and with the creation of irrigation, our society and way of life shifted from hunter gatherer to agricultural.

Marking the Sun phases was and still is incredibly important to a natural magick path.

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The Basics of the Sun’s Magical Energy

Our Sun’s energy cycles a lot more slowly than the Moon since it takes a full year to see the extent of the cycle. As the Sun shifts through the seasons, different energies come out and play.

Spring Time – Growth

In Spring, we see a shift from dormant energies to quickening ones. I use the word quickening to also mean that the Sun’s energies are fluttering, gaining momentum and speed.

This is the perfect time to plant seeds, set long term intentions, and really plan out how you are going to get there.

As the Sun returns, your energy may also become more lit up on a daily basis.

Summer Time – Work

In the Summer time, the Sun’s energy is at it’s brightest and fullest particularly at the Solstice. With the full Sun, this is where most of the work is done with our intentions.

We have gained momentum and now it’s up to us to keep the pace up with what ever project we started. That can be a garden, a work project, construction or art project.

This is less of planning phase and more of the action phase.

Autumn Time – Reflection

Autumn time is a season of slowing down. We start to lose momentum from Summer’s bright energy and here we begin to see where our hard work has gotten us.

Because we put in the work in Spring and Summer, we now see the harvest of Autumn come through. Autumn brings clarity in our emotions.

It’s at this stage that we realized where we might have overstretched. We also have realizations of where we may not have worked as hard or where we might not have been as motivated.

Autumn time provides space to reflect on the year and energy to see what can be adjusted for the future.

Winter Time – Rest

Winter time is a season of rest and dormancy. The Sun’s energy is at it’s lowest this point of the year. We use fires and hearths to help generate heat and warmth not only in our homes but in our hearts and energy fields because the Sun has waned so much.

In the Winter with rest, we begin to really see what feeds and nourishes us.

Winter will show us if we stored up enough to sustain us not only in an agricultural sense but in a very real energetic reserves sense.

If we realized that we over extended ourselves, Winter will be a good time to heal that and allow us to change what we do in the future.

Creating Solar Water for Magical Spells

All you need to do is fill a glass jar or container with some fresh water and set it out in the sun to absorb the natural rays of the Sun.

You can also add other items that are associated with the Sun or Fire, such as Citrine, Lemon or Orange Essential oils, Lemon and Orange Peels, or even Yellow flowers.

If you don’t add anything to the water you can drink it to absorb fresh sunlight. Otherwise, this water can be used in mini-spell jars, in a bath ritual, or even as an offering on an altar.

Sun Up to Sun Down – Energy Cycle

The Sun’s Energy also has a Rising and Setting cycle to each day. This waxing and waning happens quickly but on a much more subtle level. Harnessing the power of your day can lead to amazing variations in yoru spells.

Rising Sun – This is used for new beginnings, fresh starts, and growth type spells. As the Sun rises and grows through out the day, what would you like to grow as well?

Noon Sun – When the sun is at it’s peak, this energy is used to supercharge a spell and is the best time to create solar water. This is when the sun is at it’s peak and when it is time for action.

Afternoon Sun – Similar to Fall, the afternoon Sun is for spells that require reflection, seeing beneath the surface, and for sending energy away. As the Sun wanes, you can “reduce” the energy that you give to negative thoughts and habits.

Setting Sun – As the Sun sets you enter the Winter phase of the Sun. This is where rest happens and where we can become cozy and ready for the new day to come.

The Sun is a highly influential Celestial energy for those of us on Earth. It has similar energy to the Stars but because of our relationship with the Sun the energy has shifted into something else.

The Sun has two energy cycles both a yearly and a daily cycle. Each is unique in their uses. Both have a place in natural magic practices and in astrological or celestial magic practices.

Try a spell and observe how your energy flows with the Sun both yearly and daily.

To Your Journey

Beth Burch

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