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Why Energy Work is Important with Children’s Anger

Children are going to have outbursts. One, they are supposed to. Two its entirely natural and life is pretty overwhelming. If we are truly honest, the outbursts are usually in the middle of the store. Long after their limit has been reached.

As parents, we are helping them work through big emotions everyday.

Everyday brings new learning and growing and with plenty of things to be overwhelmed by.

What Happens When We Add Energy Work Into It?

We, humans and other creatures, always have some form of a vibe or general feeling that surrounds us. As adults, it stays tangled up in our personal space or aura.

However, there are times when you can get incredibly emotional and this energy can lash out or grow to a very large size.

Kind of like walking into a room and instantly getting a feeling from it. Some form of energy is large and your energy field and sense are picking up on it.

Have you ever been around a friend that just kind of always drug you down?

They weren’t always complaining but they seemed to have a storm cloud hanging over their head.

Did you notice that you were probably tired or even gloomy yourself after wards?

That is what I mean when someone’s energy field starts to get larger when emotions come out.

The good news is the opposite effect can occur too. We all know that one person that seems to be absolute sunshine when you are around them.

Their smile is infectious and you walk away a little lighter too.

What Does This Have to Do With Children?

Children do not have the capacity to regulate their emotions.

That statement is not meant to be positive or negative. It’s just a fact. When you bring energy work into it, a child may make things happen by will alone. Any one who has been through or is looking at their 2 to 3 year old knows what’s up.

A great example of this is in the movie, Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.

(Definitely on my witchy movie list)

In it, Sally’s daughter, after being picked on for being a daughter of a witch, points her finger at another kid and cries out, ” I hope you get chicken pox!”

Let me tell you that the girl means it.

In typical movie fashion, the boy does get chicken pox. But let me ground you back in reality, I don’t think anyone can willfully cast chicken pox on someone.

They can, however, truly mean to curse or throw negative energy out at a person when caught up in their emotions.

Where Do We, the Parents, Come In?

First, when a tantrum or negative spiral is happening, it’s important to take a deep breath and center yourself. Making sure you don’t get caught in their vortex is key.

Then, start projecting out your calm center.

With each breath, imagine your personal sphere of energy getting larger and covering more of the area. To help with this calm feeling you can imagine anything from a serene lake, to soft golden light.

The imagery that works for you is perfect.

At this point, we sit and talk and be there for our kid’s big emotions. We turn off our distractions and give up grocery shopping if we must.

We witness it. Hold space for it. We help them deal with it and channel it into something productive. If they said mean words, we can guide them to a better mindset.

“It’s not nice to call others names even if they were mean first.” “We don’t put our hands on someone else like that.”

If you are open with your energy work and these concepts, you can begin to talk to your child about intentions.

Intention + Energy = Manifestation Magic

“Did you really mean what you said? or were you just upset?” “Do you actually want something bad to happen to Susie?”

Most of the time, once a child is calmer, they begin to feel the regret of their actions.

As parent’s we guide and show them how to regulate their emotions and we inspire them to think of their actions. This will help minimize the chaotic energy they throw around.

I want to be clear though, its regulating, not repressing their emotions.

All emotions need to be felt and dealt with even the not so nice ones. It’s the only way we grow stronger. By facing the challenges life throw at us all while not casting chicken pox on meanie heads.

Chant to Calm Yourself and Your Little One

Below is a chant that you can say for yourself or have your little one repeat with you.

By the power of the Moon,
I will calm very soon

For kids, energy throwing is pretty much inevitable. Tantrums, hurt feelings, and tiffs are going to happen.

But when we as parents project and share our calm, and sit with and help our children effectively grow from the experience we can turn the negative spiral into a positive one and help bring harmony back faster than before.

Love and Light to you and yours,


  • Jennifer

    Love this post! My favorite is all the energy talk.

    Great tips from deep breaths and imagery (calm energy getting bigger with each breath-awesome) to the chant (reminds me of the mantras I say to myself).

    I will start saying them out loud to my kids when they are having a hard time so they can learn some more coping mechanisms as well.

    Thanks so much for the insightful post!

    • Beth Burch

      Thank you Jennifer!

      Kids look to us to help them learn when they are going through big emotions and tough situations.

      Why not use everything we have like energy work too? 🙂

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