What You Need to Perform Energetic Healing

A healing spell is anything done to promote restoration to something or someone. It is also done to promote balance. Healing spells are some of the best to perform because they don’t require a lot of materials and they exercise a couple of skills at once. That’s also why they can be a little tricky because they require a couple of things to go on simultaneously.

First, you must get consent to heal someone else. You’ll then need to scan the person and discover where the issue might be. You also need to protect yourself from taking on the illness or imbalance in your own body. Lastly, you’ll need to build the energy to give to them. That can be a lot to keep track of but with some planning and concentration you will be well on your way to healing.

So Where Do We Start?

Let’s start by tackling consent. Consent in healing spells always seems a bit silly. Who wouldn’t want to be healed or have good energy sent there way? What kind of person will say no to help?

The answer is several, actually. The reasons why? Innumerable.

Perhaps, they want to heal it on their own. Perhaps, they aren’t ready to open up to someone else. Maybe this is something they need to go through in order to grow. Energy work like healing can be intimate.

Consent is important because no one likes to be or feel violated and that’s exactly what you’d be doing to someone. Even good intentions are not always welcome.

Ways to Ask for Consent:

  • Can I pray for you?
  • Can I light a candle for you?
  • Do you accept good vibes or hugs?
  • Would you like to make a sachet together to help ease “X”?

As long as the person consents to what you are doing for them you are in the clear. If I only get clearance to pray, then I will go still go through the steps below but the energy work part for the person will only be a prayer. You get the idea.

Scanning for Energetic Disruptions

Learning how to “see”, “feel”, or otherwise “sense” someone’s energy flow takes time and practice. For empaths, most of the time they can’t help but feel the energetic disruptions of others. If you aren’t easily empathic though, there are ways to practice sensing others.

You could practice seeing a person’s energy by softening your gaze and clearing your mind.

You could practice “feeling” a person’s energy by extending your palm towards them and waiting for a sensation.

Before you can begin healing, however, you must identify the issue you are working on. Sometimes, the person can tell you what’s going on and other times they may not know exactly what it is.

If you are working on a young child, animal, or plant, they may not have words to tell you. Whether its a physical aliment, like a hip or shoulder, or it’s an emotional issue figuring out the energetic tangle is step two.

Protecting Your Energy As a Healer

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a strategy for protecting your own energy field when healing. You can be the most talented healer in the world but if you constantly take on and keep the energetic disruption of everyone you tried to heal, it will wear on you and it will take its toll. Developing a way to shed off the sticky negative energy is vital.

Some ways to shed or protect yourself include:

  • Carrying a stone such as hematite or bloodstone to absorb or deflect the negative.
  • Developing an herbal sachet, with Thieves Oil to ward off energies.
  • Give a full body, arms, legs, and head shake to flick away the excess.
  • Warm cup of tea to reinvigorate you afterwards.
  • Practice grounding and sending away any negative energies.

How to Ground and Center

Building the Energy for Healing

Similar to what I stated in my post ” Basics for Spellwork“, Setting an intention and building the energy for it will help manifest what is needed.

So once you have consent and identified the issue, we begin the energetic healing process. For most healing spells, you should at least do something similar to the Pure Energetic Healing instructions below. It is the base of the energetic work. Any other methods listed are in addition to the energetic one. For our purposes, let’s say I need to relieve hip pain.

Pure Energetic Healing:

You would begin by bringing yourself into a lightly meditative state. Clear your mind of distractions and bring forth your purpose. “To heal the hip pain in X”
With deep, conscious breaths, begin visualizing the person in your mind.

(Whether they are actually in front of you or not)
Using a healing color of your choice, surround that person and hip area in that color of light. Imagine it sinking deep into the hip. Let it wind around the joint and settle onto the nerves. Imagine it lightly caressing the skin and relieving any tension held there.

If there is darkness, shine light brightly in that area. It may take some work to fully visualize it. Rub your hands together and let the healing energy flow out your palms into that area. (You do not actually have to touch the person for this to work.)

Say or think your intention again. ” I wish to relieve the pain in X’s hip. Let them be pain free and healed.”

Once you are done, begin pulling your conscious back and shed any negative energy that may have gotten stuck to you. It is done.

Healing Chant:

A lot of witchcraft is built around rhyming chants or songs. As above, bring your attention to your work, and start the visualization process. As you begin giving energy start chanting to help maintain focus on the intention and to help build even more energy for the spell.

“Healing light, shining bright
Let this sickness flee in fright
With harm to none including me
I cast this spell so mote it be.”

Make a Cup of Tea

Brew your favorite herbal tea. You could even choose one with herbs that relieve inflammation or choose one with soothing qualities.

Once steeped, stir the tea clockwise, all while holding your intention of healing in mind. You can also repeat the chant above and infuse the tea with healing.

Drink and enjoy.

Making a Sachet:

Begin by gather all the items needed for the sachet. All the herbs, bag, paper, and any other mojo items you wish to include.

Begin as above, with bringing yourself into a meditative state. Focus on your intention and begin assembling the sachet. As you add each item see in your mind how the healing energy is infusing in it. Keep in your mind, ” I wish to relieve the pain in X’s hip. Let them be pain free and healed.”

Once all items are added, hold the sachet in your palms and give it one last infusion of healing energy. Seal it and pass it to the person to keep on them.

Shed any negative energy as necessary.

Keep in mind you can use any and all of these methods however you wish. The key to this is identifying intention then applying energy to it in order to manifest the result. Healing is some of the hardest but most satisfying work that you can do with your witchcraft.

Love and Light to you.

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  • Ceridwen

    Good explaining! Before my Craft I was purely Christian. I always said, if you want to pray properly, put some energy into that stuff! Remote tribes around the world, numerous religions world-wide, all dance or otherwise build energy with their intent. They wind up until they’re almost entranced. It must work or they wouldn’t keep doing it for centuries, like they have. I’m not saying build a fire and chant while dancing naked around it, but rather, putting tons of energy into anything you do practically ensures success. Just think what it can do for prayers, spells, ceremonies, etc.

    Summary: Thank you for this information. It confirms something I’ve always believed.

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