The Two Things You Need to Manifest Your Magic

When we think of witchcraft, several image motifs come to mind.

  • The wizened old lady, luring children to her cauldron.
  • Several pillar candles melting on old wood.
  • Herbs hanging and scattered about the kitchen.
  • Crystal points and balls charging in the windowsill.
  • An overstuffed bookshelf with dust and black cat hair everywhere.

All of these motifs can be true. (Okay, maybe not the old lady one) but really each of these is just a small idea of what Witchcraft really is.

So let’s start at the beginning:

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Stan Lee

Being responsible for your energy and manifestations is a lesson learned over a lifetime. Time and time again, others and the Universe will remind you to think and ponder what you want manifest. Not being clear and not being truly in touch with your energy and your truth will highly affect your craft.

If, for whatever reason, you are not feeling up quite right about performing magic, it is okay to delay until you are in a better headspace or until your intuition says go for it.

Our reality unfolds as we create it. What goes out into the world, whether its thoughts, words, or actions, comes back as manifestations over and over in an endless cycle of seasons.

Candles, herbs, stones, talismans, paper, and other knick-knacks aside, Witchcraft is about taking an intention, applying energy to it, and manifesting a result.

Intention + Energy = Manifestation (aka Magic)

Clarifying Your Intention

Knowing your intention before you begin building energy is very important. Let’s get the caution out of the way first. ” The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” is a great quote in this case. You can intend the best things but if you don’t truly think of all the consequences and if you don’t take time to be sure that your mind and heart are clear then you might manifest something you wish you didn’t.

For instance, you can intend that money flow to you. That a large sum comes in a saves your financial issues. However you may not want that large sum if you knew it meant that a relative would die and leave you an inheritance.

When practicing magic we are always going to have some form of bias and some form of underlying intention we may not mean. Its in our human nature.

It is important to practice meditation and getting as clear as you can with your intentions, thoughts and feelings before performing magic.

Building Your Energy

There are innumerable ways to generate energy. I have found that the easiest way for me to generate energy is through conscious body movement.

From chanting, to dancing, to drumming, or even clapping your hands or stomping your feet. You spend a bit of energy physically and you can feel the rise of energy in the way you feel. You can feel a rise in energy just by the shift in your mind when you begin exercises.

Energy that is built up is characterized by a change in temperature usually warmer. If you have a talent for seeing energy you may notice that the area around you takes on a slightly different hue.

Other ways of building energy include candle lighting and meditative breathing. Since everything about magic is about willpower simply willing it so is also a technique to building your energy.

Manifesting Your Magic

Seeing your work manifest is truly a wonder. I’ll ever tire of the Universe hearing my request, feeling my energy, and responding with blessings and gifts. I’ll also never tire of the Universe sending me lessons.

Magic works. It also doesn’t. Most of the time it is not because we did the spell wrong or mispronounced something. It’s not because we didn’t want it enough.

Sometimes magic doesn’t work because the Universe has a different path for you to walk. The universe, god, or your higher self, what ever you choose to believe in has heard your request and shifted your life and path in that direction. You have to know and believe that for things to manifest.

Just know that sometimes it takes time to work. That’s okay!

Keeping track of spells and keeping track of outcomes is important to realizing what works for you and what doesn’t work as well for you. I highly recommend that you keep a journal of all the spells you do.

Magic Doesn’t Solve Everything

Magic won’t solve everything. In fact most of the time magic only works when you take action to make it work. No spell is going to melt the fat on my waist but magic can help me stay motivated and give me the small boosts of energy that I need to go on that walk or get in the gym.

Being responsible for our energy and taking charge of our lives is one of the most freeing aspects about Witchcraft. Like with all things, it takes practice and patience.

So mote it be.

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