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The Cups in Minor Arcana Tarot

How to Learn the Cups in Tarot Readings

Learning to read the various suits for the Tarot can be overwhelming when looking at the tarot deck as a whole. Figuring out how to learn the Cups in Tarot Readings, will greatly develop your intuition and psychic abilities.

While I believe in an intuitive tarot card method, I also believe it’s really helpful to learn different meanings and interpretations to help you come to your own conclusions about the cards.

My method ties together different symbols, icons, and numerology with your intuition in order to perform a reading.

The Suit of Cups in the Tarot works well with this since it deals with your intuitive mind anyways.

The Element of Water – The Cups in Tarot

The Cups represent the Element of Water in magick. When this suit comes up it signifies that you should be listening to your emotional intuitive side.

The Element of Water has to do with fluidity, emotions, and great depth.

This Element is feminine and receptive. Water helps us learn to go with the flow and to let go and tap into the great depths of emotions that we have.

Water is also soothing and is a salve to the heart and body. We are made up of at least 75% water and are easily healed by water and fluid.

This element is in constant motion and very slow and steady. Where Air is about being quick and light, water is a slow-motion of life.

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Journaling Through The Cups in the Minor Arcana Tarot

Below are some meanings and journal prompts I’ve developed for getting to know the Cups in the Minor Arcana.

The meanings below are just a guide! I don’t want you to just regurgitate meanings when it comes to reading your cards.

The best way to use the list below is to pull out all the Cups in your Tarot deck and then put them in order.

As you go through this list, look through your deck, and see if these are meanings you agree with or disagree with. Write down your own meanings in a tarot journal or book of shadows that you might keep.

Also, use the questions to help you connect with your intuition and further your Tarot Card study.

How to Learn The Cups in Tarot Readings –
From Ace to King

  • Ace – Beginning of Emotions and Intuition. Communication
    • What feels free-flowing?
  • Two – Balance and Decisions. Meeting
    • What relationships are coming together for you?
  • Three – Creation, Inspiration. Love or Marriage
    • What would help you feel really aligned or inflow?
  • Four – Stability and Achievement. New Offers.
    • What is working well?
  • Five – Change. Relationships.
    • Circumstances are changing. How can the element of water help smooth this path?
  • Six – Satisfaction and Success. Past Influences come into play.
    • What feels really good?
  • Seven – Patience and Trust. Plans and options.
    • How can your actions carry you forth and keep you in flow?
  • Eight – Progress and Priorities. Theft of feelings.
    • Is there a better serving path or intuitive calling?
  • Nine – Clarity and Culmination. Hopes/Dreams realized.
    • What relationships have been brought together for success?
  • Ten – Completion of the Cycle. Sacrifice for Betterment.
    • How do your relationships and connections feel?
  • Page – Inexperienced and Receptive. New or Possibly Strained Love Connections.
    • Are there new emotions or connections to explore?
  • Knight – Inexperienced and Active. The pursuit of intuition.
    • What do you feel called to pursue?
  • Queen – Experienced and Receptive. Dangerous Emotions.
    • What emotions can you allow to flow through you?
  • King – Experienced and Active. Being in control and command of your emotional states and relationships.
    • What can you actively pursue that would make all your intuitive sense come alive?

Cups Reversed – Unstable or Extreme?

Reversed cards are always a hot topic when reading the Tarot.

Did you know that there is a technique of only reading upright cards?

—This doesn’t mean that all negative cards just magically disappeared. The negative or shadow reversed cards in an all Upright Reading rely more on intuition and on the positioning of cards to pick up on.

Reading Reversed Cards

First, when reading reversed cards is get in touch with your intuition, is this truly a negative card?

Next, see if there are other cards affecting this one. This could be in the form of an opposing or opposite card. This could also be a card that is sharing similar imagery or motifs.

Then, if it is a shadow card, find the “solution” that it is pointing you to. For instance, if I draw up the reversed Two of Cups, I will ask myself what relationships do I need to release in order to move forward?

Becoming familiar with the deck you are working with can take some time and dedication. By flipping through it regularly and making a focused study of the suits, you can more easily recall and build your understanding of the cards. How to learn the Cups in Tarot readings comes with patience and practice.

By using your Tarot deck and other forms of divination to connect with your intuition, you start to develop psychic skills and abilities that will serve you well on your journey. Using the Cups of the Tarot is one of the perfect ways to do that.

To Your Journey,

Beth Burch

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