Top Three Witchcraft Books for Beginners

There’s probably over 1,000 lists on the top witchcraft books for beginners.

My top three books for learning about witchcraft and paganism aren’t anything particularly unique either.

The reason for that is, good material is just good material. If someone else is recommending these books then they are a good bet. 

Most of the reason why I love these particular books is because these authors have perfected the art of teaching these witchcraft concepts in a very simple and concise manner.

There’s not a lot of dogmas or shoulds thrown at you. Just concepts, how to practice, and how to take action on your path. 

Below are not only my reviews of these books, but reasons why you want to pick them up in the first place.  Also, if you are skimmer, just hit up the pros and cons list for each. 

If I am being honest, I wish someone had given me a guide like this when I was first learning about witchcraft, energy work, and paganism in general. 

 Instead, I had lists of books thrown at me but no reasons as to WHY it was so good or what specifically I was going to learn from them. 

Side note: All of these are really easy to find on Amazon.

For Those Who Want to Explore Nature 

The Earth Path by Starhawk

In my personal opinion, when you start working with universal energies, vibes, and intuition, inevitably you are drawn to nature and natural surroundings.

This book explores nature and the elements, earth, air, fire and water as sacred aspects that can be found. This book also explores in depth the way each element presents itself in nature and it dives into energetic patterns and cycles. 

Most of us are looking to live in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings and this book is a good way to look into sacred practices.

Each chapter starts with a beautiful imaginary romp through the topic. Starhawk gives you plenty to visualize and dream of while teaching you various energetic concepts.


  • A really good dive into the Elements and their practical application in modern and natural settings.
  • Each chapter takes you on an inspirational imagination romp in the beginning that is very captivating
  • While each chapter has a fantastic visuals, she never forgets to bring back down to practical application in your own environment.


  • This book isn’t directly related to spell work so it may not be the Witchcraft you are looking for. 
  • Starhawk writes at a high level and while visually captivating it can sometimes leave you tired.
  • Starhawk feels very strongly about her causes from saving climates to indigenous peoples. This may not be the read for everyone. 
  • Side note: This is not necessarily a traditional witchcraft books for beginners.

For Those Who Want to Explore Mindful Rituals

Everyday Magic by Deborah Blake

This is a book with lots of practical application of energy work. Not only is magic an ordinary everyday thing, but magic is in the everyday tasks of life. Anything can be spiritual for you and what you do should have intention behind it. 

After all, if you aren’t living intentionally then are you really doing magic? 

Deborah Blake presents her magic in a way that feels so welcoming and non-pressuring. There are no “have-tos” in this book.

Instead, she presents her way and thoughts and feelings with an attitude of if it works for you keep it, if it doesn’t, no big deal. She does a great job giving a small look into the Wiccan holidays and some of the basics of the religion itself.


  • Her magic is “Everyday Magic” the kind of small spells and rituals that allow you to connect to your personal power in small moments. 
  • Each moment is magical and each moment is special when done with intention and energy. 


  • She does go over Wicca, which may or may not be your cup of tea. 
  • Wicca does not necessarily equal Witchcraft or energy work and this could be confusing. 

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For Those That Want to Know What, How and Why

The Modern Guide to Witchcraft by Skye Alexander

This is reasonably easy witchcraft book to read and helps newcomers focus on the what and why of energy working, spell casting, and crafts. It is also not a book that is only a spellbook.

It touches on Wicca briefly, since Wicca is a religion that practices Witchcraft, but it doesn’t not go over those religious aspects. 

To me this makes accessing witchcraft much easier. There’s no pressure to change a bunch of your world beliefs just to explore your magical life. 


  • This book focuses on the Whys and Hows of witchcraft
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Does not go into depth on the Wicca Religion unlike other beginner books. 


  • Simple writing can come off as too simple or as writing to a younger teen audience. 
  • It isn’t as full a spellbook as some are looking for.

There are a crazy number of witchcraft for beginners books out there. If these three don’t do it for you then definitely keep looking! But I always recommend this list because I’ve read and reread them multiple times and find more value every time. 

Each book really dives in on whats important to me as a spiritual practitioner. 

So whether you are looking for beginner witchcraft books or something with a little more to them, I definitely recommend these to all levels and ages.

The Earth Path for exploring nature. 

Everyday Magic is for finding small mindful rituals in the everyday. 

The Modern Guide is for understanding the What, How and Why of magical manifestation. 

Love and Light, Darling,

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