Three Ways to Craft a Sigil

Sigil work is by far one of the most interesting witchcraft things I have discovered.

Raise your hand if you want your witchcraft to be easy to use pretty much anywhere. (This girl, right here)

Sigils do not take a lot of materials to create and to use which it makes it my favorite. Also its really hard for a witchcraft purist to come along and say, “you are doing that wrong”. Its a symbol for you, created by you. I promise it isn’t worng.

Having a symbol I created and charged feels incredibly liberating and empowering. More than that, I love seeing all the various symbols and sigils drawn by others. It really makes my witchy art heart sing when I see others showing of their work.

Trust me though, you don’t need to be a great artist to be able to create a sigil for your use. In this post, I will share the sigil that I created and hand drew.

Sigil drawings call back to those ancient times of caveman drawings and hieroglyphics.

Nowadays, I can create a sigil with emojis. Symbols, sings, and omens are part of human nature and let us access and affect our subconscious mind which let’s us perform the manifestation magic that we want.

Below, I am going to walk you through three different ways to craft your own sigil. There are a couple of things I want you to keep in mind before we get started though!

Keep These in Mind When Crafting a Sigil!

  1. Its NOT about perfection or how well you draw. Crafting a sigil is not about artistic ability. It is about listening to your intuition and putting together lines and shapes in order to find what works for you. You don’t need an art degree and you certainly don’t have to be able to draw a straight line or perfect circle.
    • (Trust me, I use a ruler a lot of the time or accept that it’s going to be a little crooked.)
  2. Sigils work when created with an intention in mind. Before you really begin drawing you are going to want to really nail down the purpose of this sigil.
    • Am I bringing something to me or am I pushing something away? What exactly do I want to pull closer or push away?
    • Most use sigils are used as a “pull closer” type of magic. Other times a sigil can be drawn to banish or push out what you don’t want. Deciding is the key here.
  3. Get in the mood for your work with some incense, candles, or mood music. Maybe eat a good meal, drink a cup of tea or have a good dance before setting yourself to work.
    • Anything that will get your energy flowing smoothly will work.
  4. Sigils are similar to gemstones in that they will be charged and activated with your purpose.
    • You can do this through many means such as meditation, drumming or raising energy, or using a wand or other tool to charge it. However you’d like to do this is up to you.

Pair and Combine an Alphabet or Runes

This first way of building a sigil is fairly common. You would write out your intention.

Example: Protect this house.

Then you will eliminate any extra letters.

Protec his u.

So you are left with:


From there you would break it down further into general lines.

Lastly, you can combine the lines into a simple symbol like the one below. For this one, I layered various letters on top of the other and made it more runic like because straight lines are easier to layer over the other.

Another way is to write the intention, eliminate the extra letters, then convert it into another alphabet such as runes, and then combine into a symbol. There’s no wrong way to do this.

Build a Grid and Map the Lines

Similar to the last method, this method uses an alphabet grid such as the one below.

From there you would begin connecting the the letters with various lines.

Freeform Mandala Sigil

This last method is by far the most artstic freeform method but I promise that it is super simple.

To begin, I keep in mind some of the common symbols of what I’m drawing.

So for ” Protect this house.” I would keep in mind what symbols do I associate with protection and home.

I’ll begin with a dot in the middle and let my intuition guide me on the next line or shape to add to this.

For this I added the letters P and H at the cardinal directions.

Drew the box for the base of my home. Then added posts and “fence” like structure for the protection.

Then I took the rune Algiz, to help divert or break up any negative energy sent towards the home.

I mostly work in a circular or symmetrical pattern because that’s what calls to me. You may find that you like a pattern that’s a little offset or not as symmetrical will work for you. Maybe you’d draw the actual foundation shape of your home instead of a box.

However you draw your sigil make sure to give it some energy and concentration for your intention to manifest.

My finished sigil

Three Quick Ways to Charge or Use Your Sigil

  • Etch it into a candle and let the candle burn down.
    • Use a pin needle to draw into a pillar or tea light candle and let the energies of the flame charge the sigil.
  • Take a little bit of olive oil blended with an essential oil and draw the oil onto a door or window.
    • I like to use a roller ball to apply the oil and I will blend my oils in a 1 to 10 ratio. This makes it easy to use on most people without overwhelming the senses with fragrant oils.
  • Draw the sigil with foundation and blend into your skin.
    • You can do this on your face or even just on a leg or arm if you don’t want to have make up on your face that day. This keeps the sigil close but hidden in plain view.
  • Alternatively, draw the sigil with eye liner or henna into your skin.
    • If you don’t mind others seeing your sigil, you can always grab an eyeliner pen and draw it on yourself. This lets you wash it off if needed and allows you to reapply (and recharge it) when needed.

Those are just 3 variations on how to create a sigil for yourself. The thing I love most about sigils is that each one can be tailored to suit your needs and they don’t need a lot of components.

Whether you prefer the grid method, or an alphabet method, or something entirely different, claiming and charging a symbol for your craft will be incredibly empowering for you.

Love and Light to you,


  • lull

    hello , im lullaby and i really dont understand how you elimated the statment , cannot i not just cross out the vowls and also this website is very useful

  • Pride

    Your example of breaking the intention down to its base letters, what determines the base letters?
    I appreciate your insight and sharing your practice.


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