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Monster Banishing Spray for Little Ones

Creating and using a “Monster” Banishing spray is a simple magic technique that anyone can use for lots of things.

Whether you need to banish the monsters under the bed or simply banish nightmares, using a spray and chant is an easy way to get your little one involved in the process. 

Truthfully, this is their home as much as it is mine. Tending to their own space and things will be a responsibility that grows as they grow. 

It takes all of us to keep it cleansed both physically and magickally. 

Why Did We Begin Using This?

When developing our son’s routine we really tried to be consistent, intentional, and want to make bedtime magickal as well. Since our son has fought sleep most of his life, it also gave us parents peace of mind that we were tackling the problem in both a physical sense and metaphysical sense. 

This Monster Spray can be used just for their bedroom or for the whole house. It’s also specifically designed to be an easy introduction to spellwork if you have not used spells around your children before. 

All children go through some phase of being afraid of the dark or can experience apprehension about bedtime. 

From my observations, research, and reading, (like we all do when you are a new mom) I found that a lot of the bed time hesitations have to do with a lack of control about the situation paired with a kid’s wonderful active imagination.

They come up with the best bed time stories sometimes!

But really who could blame them when the odd street lights casts shadows through the windows and the big AC clicks on and off or even a random critter starts scratching at windows and bushes nearby? All of that is a combination that makes even me antsy.

The monster spray can be added to any bed time routine either after bath time or just before book reading or even just before lights out. As part of guiding my child’s awareness about their feelings and intuition, I always ask, “How are you feeling about bedtime?” and I watch for their response.

Sometimes they are 100% ready for bed and out before the lights are. Other times though, I can sense the hesitation. “I Don’t Know” “ I don’t like it when the lights are out.”

I follow this up with, “Would you like to use the spray?” Again, I get a large range of answers from an enthusiastic yes! to meh, no thanks.

Keep in mind that Monster Spray is what we call ours. What you call it can be anything! Monster-B-Gone, Sleepy Time Spray, Super Hero Spray. Anything that gives your kid confidence and reassurance is a-okay.

They may even give it a name themselves.

Monster Spray Recipe


  • Spray bottle (plastic or glass)
  • Distilled water
  • Essential Oil – 10 drops (I prefer Sage or Lavender)
  • Pinch of Salt

Combine all ingredients into the bottle and shake to mix. Each time you use this be sure to shake to remix the ingredients. The oil and water will separate eventually.

Typically, you’ll want to spray into the air or corners of the room. Some essential oils can stain so be sure to spray at least foot away from pillows and covers.

Below is a chant I created that works for my own family. I paired a bit of silliness along with a rhyme to keep it light and easy for little ones.  Once you’ve shaken the bottle, spray a couple of times while repeating:

Monster Spray Chant:

“Goodbye! Be gone, it’s time to sleep!

Go away and count some sheep!”

But What About The Energy Work?

My magickal philosophy has always been:  Intention + Energy = Manifestation. 

As you set the intention to rid a room of unsettling feelings, you begin to do the energy work. The energy work of this is the act of spraying and chanting. Both will build up energy within you that you can then visualize blanketing the room. 

The manifestation is your result. Safe and easy slumber for your little one. 

That’s all there is to our monster spray. Feel free to adapt and use what works for your path and family. While this may not always solve your problems and your little one may not always have better sleep, it sure does help us and the room ends up smelling better than before!

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Love and Light to you!

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