My Best Advice on Practicing Witchcraft

” Always follow your intuition. Witchcraft is not about rules, it’s about the expression of your path and craft.”

That above is the best piece of advice ever given to me when I had set out on my path. Unfortunately, there are plenty of times that I didn’t listen to the advice.

On Intuition

A big obstacle that most new witches face is getting in touch with and consistently listen to their intuition. Learning to discern what’s doubt and anxiety and what is intuition is a skill developed over time and mostly by making mistakes.

There was a time when, as a new witch, I ignored my intuition. I had just arrived home after a long drive from college. A long drive meaning about 8 hours. I should have listened to the voice that said, “You’re tired. Get some rest and see others the next day.”

But like every stubborn 19-year-old, I didn’t listen. I pushed that feeling out, put on my eyeliner and lipstick, and went to meet some friends. While nothing so drastic as a car wreck happened, I did end up fighting with my friends that evening and it colored our interactions for a long time.

Self-Expression in Witchcraft

“The expression of your path.”

Since most of our witchcraft is done with intentions and emotions as the fuel, not fully feeling the prayer, spell, or ritual is a prime set-up for failure. Even the most beautifully written prose will fall short for you if you do not connect to it with your heart and mind.

One year, after becoming a priestess of a coven, I had to perform a public ritual. I believe it was Mabon the Autumn Equinox. For the first time in a long time, I had run out of inspiration. I didn’t know what I was going to say, I didn’t know what I was going to do, and I wasn’t sure what lesson I should convey. Our holidays are about lsharing our stories and lessons and celebration and I just didn’t seem to have the resources for it.

So I went to do some research and I came across a rhyming poem that felt sort of spell-like. Thinking my ritual was saved, I would memorize it and perform it and it would be beautiful.

As beautiful as the poem was, it didn’t quite sit with me. I would trip up over some words. Some lines would just go right out of my head. Frustrating is a mild word for it. After reading it over and over, I found the story within and started to tell that but in my own way. Descriptors and words were changed out, a character added in until the lesson came out in a story that was barely related to the original poem I had read.

The story that I ended up telling became my original work and was even better than if I had just recited someone else’s memorized words. Others at that ritual had mentioned to me that they could feel how genuine my words were and how it had touched their hearts unexpectedly.

The advice I was given has helped me grow in so many ways on my spiritual journey. In a way, that advice gave me permission to not only practice my path but do so in a way that was authentic to me. I feel like it saved me the heartache of half-felt spells and it led me to explore my own creativity in this journey.

I hope this advice helps you and encourages you to walk your own path of witchcraft with fully felt ritual words and spell ingredients. There is no wrong way to do this.

After all, it’s not about rules, its about expression.

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