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The Wands in the Minor Arcana Tarot

How to Learn the Wands in Tarot Readings

Learning to read the various suits for the Tarot can be overwhelming when looking at the tarot deck as a whole. There’s a whole 78 cards to try to understand! Once you nail down learning the Wands in Tarot Readings, your confidence will grow!

The Wands in Tarot is linked to Fire. Fire is our creativity, driving force and desire. Learning the wands in tarot will help you develop your intuition and psychic abilities.

My method of reading ties together not only the meaning of each card but it combines items together like Numerology, common symbols from dream interpretations.

The Suit of Wands is all about creative desire!

The Element of Fire – The Wands in Tarot

The Wands represent the Element of Fire in magick. When this suit comes up it means that we should be tuning into our passions, wants, and driving forces in our life.

The Element of Fire has to do with the spark of life in any idea or pursuit.

This element is dominating and active. Fire helps learn to transform and to break free of old structures. Fire gives us the energy and life to change things to break down what doesn’t serve us anymore.

Fire can be inspiring and incredibly necessary to our lives. Our homes were once dependent upon candles and kitchen hearth flames on a daily basis.

This element dances in place but rarely flows in any particular direction or with any particular purpose.

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Journaling through the Wands in the Minor Arcana Tarot

Below are some journaling prompts I’ve created to help you get to know the Wands in the Minor Arcana.

The meanings below are only guiding start point. How symbols show up for you will be most important when you start developing your own way of reading.

The best way to use this list is to take all the Wands of the Minor Arcana out and put them in order.

As you go through this list, look through your deck, and see if these are meanings you agree with or disagree with. Write down your own meanings in a tarot journal or book of shadows that you might keep.

Also, use the questions to help you connect with your intuition and further your Tarot Card study.

How to learn the Wands in Tarot Readings – Ace to King

  • Ace – Beginning of Desire and Passion. Opportunity
    • What new opportunities await you?
  • Two – Balance and Decisions. Crossed by Two
    • What must you choose between? What must be given up?
  • Three – Creation and Inspiration. Business Partner
    • Are there other people or things that get your creative juices flowing?
  • Four – Stability and achievement. Formalize it.
    • What stabilizes your fire?
  • Five – Change. Help is Needed
    • Circumstances are changing. How can you keep the element of Fire fed?
  • Six – Satisfaction and Success. Easy Victory.
    • What are some easy wins for you when it comes to creativity?
  • Seven – Patience and Trust. Back against the wall.
    • When the going gets tough, how do you stay in touch with your ultimate desired outcome?
  • Eight – Progress and Priorities. Time
    • Transformation does not happen overnight. What needs more time?
  • Nine – Clarity and Culmination. Mistrust. Guarded
    • Now that you have clarity on your transformation, what are you resisting towards the end of the journey?
  • Ten – Completion of the Cycle. Many options and wants.
    • Carrying the weight of the world does you no good. What can you set aside in order to stay in alignment with your wants?
  • Page – Inexperienced and Receptive. Lack of Control.
    • With new ideas and creativity come bursts of energy, is there anything that is getting out of hand?
  • Knight – Inexperienced and Active
    • What do you really actively feel called to pursue when it comes to desire?
  • Queen – Experienced and Receptive
    • How can you nurture your flame so it stays long-lasting?
  • King – Experienced and Active
    • How can you stay grounded during the creative process of transformation?

The Wands Reversed – Extreme Fire

Reversed cards are always a hot topic when reading the Tarot.

Did you know that there is a technique of only reading upright cards?

—This doesn’t mean that all negative cards just magically disappeared. The negative or shadow reversed cards in an all Upright Reading rely more on intuition and on the relation of other cards to pick up on.

Learning to Read Reversed Wand Cards

First, when reading reversed cards is get in touch with your intuition, is this truly a negative card?

Next, see if there are other cards affecting this one. This could be an opposing or opposite card in the layout. This could also be a card that is sharing similar imagery or motifs. Look for similar colors, look for similar positioning in the symbols.

Then, if it is a shadow card, find the “solution” that it is pointing you to. For instance, if I draw up the reversed Four of Wands, I will ask myself:

What is causing instability in this situation?

Becoming familiar with the deck you are working with takes a good chunk of dedication. When you flip through your deck regularly you start to piece together patterns in the cards. Building your understanding of that particular suit in how you learn the wands in tarot readings.

Just have patience with your practice!

By using your Tarot deck and other forms of divination to connect with your intuition, you start to develop psychic skills and abilities that will serve you well on your journey. Using the Wands of the Tarot is one of the perfect ways to really transform your practice.

To Your Journey,

Beth Burch

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