• herbal jars

    Creating Magical Herbal Sachets

    Herbal Sachets are probably one of the oddest and yet fun bit of magic I like to do. Throw some leaves, bark, and bits in a baggy and keep it near you or on an altar? Smells fantastic! (Usually) But…

  • Witchcraft

    Taking Care of Tools: Gemstones

    Gemstones are one of the most common and (can be) one of the most expensive tools that a witch uses. Truthfully, stones, rocks, and gemstones are incredibly accessible to anyone who is just getting started with their magic practice. As…

  • Witchcraft

    How to Use Knotwork Spells

    Have you ever wondered about how to use knot magic in your practice? Knot Magic, Thread Magic, or knotwork spells are incredibly simple forms of witchcraft that you can use really early on in your journey. They don’t have the…

  • Witchcraft

    Energetic Home Cleaning

    Cleaning and organizing our things and spaces is taking the world by storm. Between the Hygge / Lagom movement and Marie Kondo’s Magic of Tidying Up, the spring cleaning fever has hit early. Hygge is a Swedish concept of a…

  • follow your intuition

    Witch’s Holidays: Imbolc Celebrations

    Imbolc (EM-bolk like folk) is a fire festival holiday that falls on February 2nd. More commonly known as Groundhog’s Day, this holiday is a celebration of the return of the light and for the return of activity in nature. The…