4 glass jars with spells and salts in them

What You Need for Urban Witchcraft Spells and Rituals

When I was a kid, I used to dream about living in the city. It seemed like such an exciting place with more people and more opportunities than my small hometown. But as an adult, I’ve learned that there’s a lot more to being a city witch than just being near other people. In fact, sometimes it can feel like you’re surrounded by nothing but concrete and glass!

Here are some items that will help keep you grounded as an urban witch:

A small ceramic bowl

A small ceramic bowl is a great tool for cleansing and casting spells. The earthy material is easy to clean, and can be safely used with food. Ceramic bowls are also inexpensive and easy to find in the city–you might even have one at home already!

A scented candle

A scented candle is a great way to set the mood for your urban witchery. Candles are used in many different ways, including spells and rituals. You can use one as a focal point for meditation, or simply light it when you want to relax.

In addition to setting the mood, scented candles also help keep harmful bugs away from your home by attracting them with their pleasant scent! It’s like having your own personal bug repellent!

Banishing salt

Salt is a very versatile tool for the urban witcher. It can be used to cleanse an area of negative energy, and banish unwanted spirits.

  • Salt water: To cleanse an area, simply sprinkle salt over all four corners of a room where you want to remove negative energies from. Then take some time to meditate in that space as you visualize any lingering negativity being washed away by the salt water.
  • Banishing salt: If you have an angry spirit lingering around your home or business–or if you just want to keep them away–you can sprinkle some banishing salt around your property line at night before bedtime so they won’t come back during the day when it’s inconvenient (or dangerous).

Rosemary bundle and Incense sticks

  • Rosemary is a powerful cleansing herb that can be used to clear space of negative energy and create an aura of protection. It’s also helpful for boosting your intuition, so it’s great to have around if you’re feeling stuck when it comes to decision-making or need some guidance in life.
  • Smoke cleansing involves burning rosemary, pine, or other herbs (such as mugwort) in order to cleanse yourself or an area with smoke from the burning herbs. If you’re new at this practice, start by lighting the end of your bundle with a lighter and then blowing out all but one flame–this will give off just enough heat without setting anything on fire! Then wave your hands over each corner of your home while stating your intention like “I purify this space.” You can also use incense cones instead.
  • Light up some incense cones (or whatever else works best for you) 2) Hold out one hand towards where ever there might be negative energy lingering 3) Move slowly around until everything feels clear again 4) Repeat!

Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense essential oil is a classic spiritual smell that can be a powerful cleanser. Essential oils can be a great addition to an urban witchery toolkit since they are versatile and easy to wear.

How do you use essential oil? To purify an area, put a few drops on a tealight candle and light it. This will allow the smoke and oil to burn and permeate the space.

Where can I buy essential oils? In most cases, there are two places where you can purchase this magical ingredient: online retailers or local botanical stores (especially those specializing in aromatherapy).

Orange essential oil

Orange essential oil is one of the most versatile oils in witchcraft. It can be used for purification, clearing and protection. It can also be used to keep spirits at bay, aid in love spells; as a shield against negative entities; for healing and cleansing; and even for meditation.

Orange essential oil has many uses because it’s so powerful. You can use orange in any type of spell or ritual where you want to draw in positive energy. Orange is also useful when working on attracting clients or customers into your business!

Palo Santo wood shavings or chips (if you can find it)

Palo Santo is a holy wood. It’s used in spiritual ceremonies and can also be burned to cleanse a space of negative energy.

The scent of Palo Santo has been described as “incense-like”, but more earthy than your typical incense blend. Palo Santo is also used in rituals to connect with the divine.

These are the items that I keep on hand for witchcraft practice in my apartment.

The following is a list of items you may want to have on hand for urban witchery practice. All of these are optional. Go with what works for your practice and space.

  • Candles: For me, Candles are an essential part of my ritual process. I use them at each cardinal direction during my spell work. Candles come in all shapes, sizes, colors and scents–and they make great home decor when they’re not being used for spells!
  • Incense: Incense is another key ingredient in any magical working; it helps set the mood and creates an atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth and transformation. I recommend keeping a variety pack around so that you can experiment with different scents based on what kind of energy or intention you want to evoke during your spellwork sessions.
  • Herbs/flowers/fruit/etc.: You can have these for crafting purposes or even eating purposes!
    • Herbs like rosemary or sage provide protection from negative energies while lavender encourages tranquility within yourself.
  • Oil burner + essential oils: Essential oils can be used as perfume but also contain healing properties which help cleanse away negativity from your body. Many come prepackaged with their own special blend already mixed together; others require mixing two or three separate bottles together until blended evenly before use.
  • Embroidery Thread or Yarn – for tying knots while meditatively focusing on my intention. These can be used in witches’ ladders style spells.
  • Pen and Paper: I like to keep a pen and post-it notes handy for any sigil work I may want to do quickly and easily.


I hope this list helps you get started on your own urban witchery kit. The most important thing is to remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time making it perfect. Even if all you have is one item on this list, it can still be helpful in your practice!

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