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How to Discover A Mindful Life of Alignment

Are you living in alignment to what’s important in your life?

9 to 5. Traffic and Commutes. All-nighter study sessions. Daycare and sports schedules. Dinner planning.

Fondly known as the day to day.

It also sounds like a total drag. Blegh

Most of us are living partially in alignment. We have a job that’s pretty close to what we want to do or at least helps pay the bills. Busting our tails at school, commuting in traffic, and showing up for our families at all times. Content to live out our day to day.

Still, something is missing.

And then, we hit the couch or recliner at the end of our day, worn out, wondering where our energy went.

We may even beat ourselves up by overanalyzing the day.

“Today was not very magical. I hit the snooze, gulped okay coffee, and stressed out about all these mundane details.”

Living in alignment is not the same as living in balance. Living balance requires everything to have equal weight and attention. And I used to be one that would always say,

“Just balance it out. Do something else for a bit then come back to this.”

It wasn’t a bad way to live. But I drove myself insane trying for this perfect balance. (Silly Libra.)

As my husband has said every time,

” If everything is important, then nothing is.”


No wonder I’ve been sinning my wheels and getting no where. I know I’m not alone in this.

What is Alignment?

Living in alignment is choosing your own idea of what’s important and not what you should be doing.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all have “have to do” responsibilities. But outside of those items? The world is yours to experience. Don’t know what you want?

You’ll need to do some reflection on what alignment and purpose looks like for you.

Sometimes, living in alignment is doing the dishes later because spending time with your daughter and her tea set is more in line with your priorities.

Sometimes, living in alignment means waking up a little earlier in order to study or pursue a different career path that you actually love.

Living in alignment can look like creating self- are rituals of meditation and even stirring positive vibes into your bath salts and oils in order to promote relaxation.

And for the record, you are going to meet resistance when you start living to your purpose.

Everything about conventional society says,

NO! Be predictable! Keep the same schedule, keep the status quo, and keep up with your neighbors.”

Conventional society shoulds all over you and shames you when you don’t keep up or you don’t feel like it’s your calling.

How To Discover Alignment and Purpose

Defining purpose will take a long time. I don’t say this to discourage you but rather set the expectation that purpose is your heart and soul’s life and work. You’ll constantly pursue and redefine your purpose as you grow. Which is good! The seasons in your life will ebb and flow and so your purpose may lightly shift with it.

I never could have imagined the different callings I would have when I was 23. But by staying open to opportunities from the Universe I have found my life leading me to happiness and purpose. I found happiness in motherhood. I found strength to stand up for myself and to live outside the bounds of “normal”.

3 Ways to Uncover and Discover Your Purpose


What does your ideal day look like?

If you’ve been pursuing mindfulness for any amount of time you have probably heard of starting a meditative practice. If you haven’t started, I hope these words are the call to action for you.

You need this practice. You wouldn’t just not eat for a day? Or not drink any water? So why would you not nourish your mind and soul?

A meditation practice has innumerable benefits for your mental and physical health. By taking time to quiet down and turn off the hustle and bustle demands of others and your phone, you can begin to listen to your inner voice.

How else can you know your purpose if you don’t listen to your little guide?

Your subconscious mind and intuition will whisper to you and guide you to purpose. They may say things like, ” I like this job but I would prefer to be more creative.” “I think I want to spend more time on X” ” You know I really enjoyed it when we played tea time.”

That little guide will show you the way, every time.


What would your Alignment feel like?

Journaling is a great practice for decluttering your mind. If you have a minefield of what-ifs and to-do lists in your head, journaling can help relieve the pressure. Dump it all out and start with a clean canvas. I do Morning Pages as part of my outlet.

Think of it as Marie Kondo -ing for your brain. Create the space for what you love.

I always recommend journaling in tandem with meditation. Sometimes purging it out of your brain and working through it on paper first can lead to a better meditative experience.

Journaling here can include writing or drawing or painting. Anything that helps get it out of your mind is useful in this case.

Visualize Bigger Dreams

How can you get there?

Most of the time, our mind really wants to play it safe. We dream as far as we think is possible and that’s it. When I say dream big, I mean dream of the most impossible, thrilling, thing you can for your life.

You will always stay stuck if you don’t dream beyond your life now. Kick that voice to the curb that says, we don’t have the means or talent to do that.

That is abelief that has no place in finding your purpose and living a life of alignment.

If you dream of spending more time with family, then really visualize what that looks like for you. What does it entail? Does it have a certain feel or even smell to it?

See you and your family together for dinner or a board game night. Hear the outrageous laughter. Let your whole being fill up on that love.

If you dream of a creative life, what would your studio look like? Forget the nagging thought of “We can’t afford a studio”. Visualize it and any materials for your craft.

By dreaming and visualizing what you want, you start to manifest it for yourself. Maybe you take small steps like converting a corner of a room into your art space.

Is it the big studio in your dream? Maybe not, but it is more than you had before and it is the step forward that you need in order to begin discovering and pursuing your purpose.

Once you start to discover your purpose, your true heart’s desire, you can start taking baby steps toward manifesting it.

By replenishing yourself with meditation and journaling, you hone in on the life and purpose you want.

Rather than being led by what’s urgent, you lead with what’s important. Your purpose.

(Remember, Intention + Energy = Manifestation!)

You can also start giving up the idea that you have to do it all and balance it all out. Take the pressure off yourself and love the journey.

Even when you hit the recliner, exhausted and worn from the day, it will be in celebration of living a life of purpose and alignment.

And So It Is!

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