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Full Moon – Cord Cutting Rituals

How and why to be cautious of doing cord cutting if you aren’t absolutely confident in your energies senses.

Full Moon, Cord Cutting Content Warning: abuse

So first off Happy Full Moon in Aries, magical beings.

I hope this full moon post-mercury retrograde is treating you well.

Full Moons are about celebrating fruition and beginning to shed any unwanted energies or things that just didn’t serve you in the past month.

The Universe being what it is has brought several things to my attention that’s related to releasing.

I want to come on here today to talk about cord cutting.

The basics of cord cutting are: You get two items that represent yourself and another person you tie a cord round both connecting the two then you ritually sever that cord and energetically sever the cord as well. Releasing the person back out into the wild.

But…Energy behaves and molds itself into many shapes.

If you prefer to listen check out the YouTube video on this.

The Post

So I came across a post in another witchcraft group about a person who is planning on doing cord cutting with an ex who was abusive. They also still have love letters from the ex that they wanted to burn but felt a huge hesitation in going through with that part.

Now the advice being given was good advice. Telling this person to be brave and do the cord cutting, burn the letters, take the ashes away from the home along with any spell ingredients.

And I agree with most of the advice. But we’ve got to examine this situation closer.

Breaking Down the Actions and Energy

First, the letter burning. IF their gut is telling them its a bad idea, there’s no reason to force themselves into burning letters when they aren’t ready to.

You shouldn’t force any energy work you don’t feel prepared to do.

If they burned these letters before they were fully committed to the release then these would release out effectively.

Secondly I could sense from the post that the cord between these two is very tense. Incredibley stretched with a ton of tension. If you put a lot of tension on a rope in real life and then cut it, it snaps back on both ends, in this case both people.

That kind of energy backlash hurts and can take a long time to recover.

Next energy shapes, this tangle of energy in this person’s energetic body was shaped like a barbed hook. That’s not something you should just rip out. Like surgery or prying a hook from a fish, you’ve got to carefully manuever it out from the person.

Even then, you have to treat it like a wound. Carefully healing it, closeing any gaps and not letting nay infection in.

This is obviously from my own personal experience and senses of this situation.

But since cord cutting has ben popular over on Tiktok and several other Internet spaces I thought it prudent to share.

What I would do in this situation is examine the tangle of energy in the person’s energetic body. Is it near a particular Chakra? Is it a particular color or shape? If it’s located near the throat…or if its located near the solar plexus….

Examine the cord between the people. If it has a lot of tension, how to do we lessen that so that when it is cut it doesn’t hurt and there isn’t a large backlash to recover from?

What are some actions going forward to lessen this bond?

Then when you have someone fully committed to release then ritually do it. 🙂

To Your Journey,
Beth Burch – Cauldron and Brew

One Comment

  • Robin

    I have some questions for you regarding this type of ritual. First of all thank you for delving deeper into the specific post and situation and clarifying some actions.
    How would advise a ceremony to cut the emotional ties of abuse when you still have to maintain a certain level of relationship with this personality n due to a shared child?
    The details are that my grandsons father is a narcissist and has lighter. He was abusive during the entire relationship and his treatment of my grandson has been abhorrent. He’s in contempt of court on every count of the agreement. He’s taken her to court three times trying to get money out of her and it’s never worked. Yet in order to have him convicted she’d have to take him to court and pay over $3K again. It’s a ridiculous case but it’s true. My grandson has had to go to therapy for suicidal actions at only 7 years old. Every time he has to go to his dads house it’s a complete melt down from the day before all through to school the day he’s supposed to be picked up. It’s an untenable situation. Anyway any advice you can give to help bring peace to my family would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

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